Private Investors

Private investors have been the central pillar of the development of the brokerage office of Depolas since 1985. With its evolution into an SA Stock Exchange Company for Provision of Investment Services (A.X.E.P.E.Y.) in 1991, the company maintained its customer-driven character by focusing on the provision of personalized services to private customers.

In this respect, there has been a significant expansion of services to meet the growing needs of investors. The scope of the company is the continuous development, evolution and optimization of the services it provides to private investors. For this reason, it constantly invests in new technologies as well as in executive staff in order to steadily offer the best solutions to its customers in a constantly changing financial sector.

In 2015, after the absorption of the Athinaiki, the company emerged as one of the largest private brokerage firms, numbering more than 30,000 private investors.