In the context of providing personalized investment services, our company offers comprehensive custodian services, covering all securities held by its clients in the Hellenic and international markets.


Custodian services include:

  • Opening and Maintaining a Joint Investment Portion
  • Clearing transactions
  • Settlement / Transfers of transactions
  • Custody of titles
  • Transfers of securities
  • Participation in public offerings (shares / bonds)
  • Participation in private placements
  • Participation in share capital increases
  • Collection of dividends and interest rates
  • Corporate support (Splits / reverse splits, distribution of free shares)
  • Commitments / releases of securities portfolios
  • Title pledges
  • Withholding and return of tax from sales of foreign shares to the tax authorities
  • Issuance of certificates for tax purposes
  • Issuance of certificates for participation in General Assemblies
  • Issuance of securities’ transaction history
  • Information to Clients (portfolio positioning and detailed statements)
  • AXIA SMS (investor updates from the Dematerialized Securities System - DSS)


At the same time, we cooperate with domestic and foreign credit institutions that act as custodians. Through these partnerships we provide investment services related to funds that are held either abroad or at a third-party custodian in Greece.