LEON DEPOLAS INVESTMENT SERVICES SA has been providing services on the Athens Stock Exchange for more than 30 years. From 1985 as a family brokerage office and since 1991 as a limited liability company providing investment services. Trading of stocks listed on ASE has been its first field of specialization and the core business of its services for at least two decades. Keeping up with the evolution of technology, changes in the architecture of the global financial system, regulatory and institutional changes, but mainly driven by the requirements and needs of our clients, we have broadened the range of our services.

The company has a well-staffed Greek share trading desk, consisting of certified executives with many years of hands-on experience and technical brilliance. Investors can place their orders by phone, email or fax and get them executed by the company's certified brokers.


At the same time, investors are given the opportunity to place and execute orders themselves through the online software offered by the company and enjoy for free all other services provided by online trading.


The company’s Analysis Department is available to clients, so that they are informed about the fundamental figures of companies, the business developments and the corporate news. Moreover, they can have access to statistical and historical data and technical analysis.


Regarding transactions in Greek shares, the company offers credit accounts to its customers to facilitate their transactions and leverage their position when deemed appropriate. These accounts are the 2DC account (2-days credit) and the margin account.


In addition, through the company’s Asset Management Department, our clients can choose the placement of their funds in a discreet portfolio management account according to their investment profile. In this context, we offer our clients the Greek Growth Portfolio.


Finally, the company provides comprehensive custody for the above products / services.