Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of DEPOLAS INVESTMENT SERVICES SA (hereinafter: the company). For reasons of protection and orderly operation of its website, the company informs you of the terms of use of this website. Users who make use of the material made available by the company through its website, agree to the use of this material, according to the conditions below.

The information provided by the company through its website, can be used for informational purposes only and not for commercial, investment or other purposes. In no case can they be taken as an offer, advice, proposal to buy or sell securities of any company mentioned on the website, nor as an invitation to make any form of investment. The company ensures, to the extent possible, that the data and information included on its website are the most recent and are distinguished for their correctness, accuracy, reliability and completeness. However, the company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and absolute reliability of the information or opinions contained on its website.

All content on this Website is protected by Copyrights owned by the company or third parties with which the company maintains a valid legal relationship. It is possible to transmit part or all of the material electronically (downloaded) or to print part or all of the material, provided that the indication of copyright ownership is not deleted. Transferring part or all of the material or in any way copying part or all of the material does not result in the transfer of rights in any way to the user carrying out this act. It is prohibited to reproduce, electronically transfer, copy in printed media, modify, link or otherwise use the company's website or part of the material it contains, for any commercial purpose, without the expressed, written consent of the company.

Visitors and users of the company's website must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the legislation governing telecommunications. Any type of publication by users and visitors through the website is strictly prohibited, including uploading files to the website. the users and visitors of the website assume sole responsibility for any kind of modification or damage caused to the content of the website, resulting from bad or unfair use on their part.

The company has the right at any time and for any reason, with or without notice, to temporarily suspend, limit or even terminate the user's access to its website and the ability to use the information and services, in whole or in part. Moreover, the company reserves the right to modify, suspend, interrupt temporarily or permanently or limit part of the services it provides through the website. In all cases mentioned in this paragraph, the company bears no responsibility towards the user or any third party.

If the user obtains through the company's website access to third party sites (via links), he accepts that the company bears no responsibility for the content of these sites, which it does not control or adopt, and the services provided by them. In any case, the user bears sole responsibility for the use of this information in any way. The reference to other websites is made only for the convenience of the user and for no other purpose.

Regarding XRHMA© and ZTrade© web programs offered to the company's customers and which are available on the company's website, we inform the company's customers/users that their personal data (portfolio, balance, etc.) can only be accessed by them individually by using the access codes given to them. These access codes are strictly personal and the company is not responsible for any harm or damage suffered by the customer-user due to the loss or leakage of the access codes. the company has taken all the necessary security measures by activating the security codes only if requested by the beneficiary himself. In any case, a mandatory change of the access code by the user is required the first time he logs-in.

The company automatically records information from the electronic equipment it uses, including the IP addresses of persons visiting its website. The use of the information collected as above, is done exclusively for contractual purposes that legal or natural persons may have concluded with the company as well as for the better configuration of the content of the website. The company expressly states that it does not sell, dispose of, or allow access to this type of information to any third party. Access to information of this nature is exclusively available to employees of the company, whose job scope expressly requires such access.

This underlying document is governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Athens are designated as competent for adjudicating any dispute that may arise based on this. Also, in the event that any of these terms are found by any court to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining terms hereof shall not be affected.