LEON DEPOLAS SERVICES SA is a member of the Derivatives Market of the Athens Stock Exchange since 2004.


Derivatives are financial products that are traded on both underlying stock indices and stocks. Their value as well as their return, depend on their price and the changes in the value of the underlying securities / products or the index to which they refer.

Derivatives are divided into 2 main categories:

  • Futures contracts where two counterparties bindingly agree to buy or sell a securities’ product at a predetermined price at the expiration date of the contract, while delivery and payment are set to take place at a specific future date.
  • Options that give their buyer the right (and not the obligation) to deliver or demand delivery of a specified product at a predetermined price within a predetermined period of time.

Derivatives are aimed at those investors who strive for:

  • Greater leverage, as investing in derivatives can generate multiple returns over investing in underlying financial instruments.
  • Hedging, to protect them from sharp fluctuations in the price of the underlying financial instrument.

Regardless of the invested funds, derivative-markets enable all investors, to meet their investment needs through a variety of investment products and strategies.

The certified and experienced executives of the respective department apart from transmitting clients’ orders for execution, are willing to assist the investors to design the appropriate strategy and the composition of the portfolio depending on their respective investment risk profile.

Note (According to the company’s current Internal Rules and Regulations): In the exceptional case of death of an investor / client or in case where no communication is possible due to his/her objective weakness (e.g. serious illness, sudden admission to hospital, etc.) and given the high risk of leverage of derivative products, LEON DEPOLAS INVESTMENT SERVICES SA will immediately close all open positions on derivative products that may exist on his/her investment account.