LEON DEPOLAS INVESTMENT SERVICES SA has an experienced and well-staffed Analysis Department which continuously accesses the fundamentals of listed companies, the macroeconomic environment, the strategy of the Central Banks and the international economic trends and prospects. At the same time, as far as the Greek listed companies are concerned, it remains in constant communication with their respective departments for continuous flow of information regarding their business course and prospects. All this data forms the basis for the synthesis of views in the Investment Committee and consequently the investment guide. At the same time, it consists useful data for individual private investors, institutional investors and funds active in international markets. The Analysis Department may provide:

  • Preparation of  fundamental industry analysis
  • Coverage of listed companies and publication of  target prices
  • Information about the fundamentals of listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange (published financial statements, balance sheets)
  • Information about corporate announcements / corporate news / developments / publications.
  • Technical analysis data and charts of stocks and indices
  • Data on capitalizations, dividends, corporate transactions, general assemblies and any other relevant information.
  • Corporate news / developments.